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Products > Tube Guitar Amp > Tube Amp Combo > Blues Tube Amp, 5W
Product name : Blues Tube Amp, 5W
Product No. : AT-5
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The Blues50 is a five-watt tube guitar amplifier with a 8” speaker. With it's elegant golden twill vinyl covering, silver face and grille, traditional Chicken Head knobs, quality leather strap handle, there is a real ancient beauty standing before you; added higher-gain preamp circuit takes the overdriven tone , with a choice of high-or low-gain inputs; treble and bass controls, it performs classical Chicago Blues overdrive tones perfectly.
Model Name:                              Blues50
Series:                                        Tube Series
Amplifier Type:                           Tube
Color:                                          Golden twill vinyl cover with silver panel and grille
Inputs:                                        Two
Channels:                                     One Channel
Power output:                               5 Watts
Rectifier:                                    Diode rectifier
Controls:                                      Volume, Treble, Bass
Cabinet Color:                             Golden twill vinyl covering
Handle:                                        Leather strap handle
Front Panel:                                 Silver Front Panel
Input Impedance:                         1 M Input Impedance
Output Impedance:                       8 ohm
Sensitivity:                                  25mv(volume at maximum for full power)
Length:                                        340mm
Width:                                         430mm
Height:                                        270mm
Weight:                                       7.8kgs
Speaker:                                     1*8” LSM Special design , Speaker 8 ohm
Speaker Impedance:                    8 Ohm
Preamp tubes:                              12AX7
Power tubes:                                1*6V6GT
Unique Features:           High-gain and Low-gain inputs; Natural overdrive  when turned up. Single Volume control; Golden vinyl covering; Leather strap handle.
Knobs:                                  Chicken Head Style Amp Knobs

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