5E3 Fender Style Hand Wired Amp


5E3 Fender Style Hand Wired Amp

Product No.:G-20

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Hand Wired All Tube Electric Guitar Amp 20W:
A 20W class A guitar amplifier.
Hand wired turret board construction all tube circuit.
Aube design with point-to-point vintage circuitry. The hand-wired circuitry resonates with a warm vintage tone. This amp uses Ruby tubes.
Finger joined cabinet for increased structural strength.
Genuine tweed amp covering and vintage brown/gold grille cloth. Leather strap handle.
4 inputs: 2 normal and 2 Bright
Volume and Tone controls
20 watts via 2 x 6V6 output tube
2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
Single 5AR4 vacuum tube rectifier 
Dimensions: 51.8x25.1x43(cm)
Weight: 18.2kg

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