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Tone. It’s an enigmatic word. It can mean different things to different people, in particular those who make their living making music. Tone isn’t just something you can hear. It’s something you can feel. And it’s something a GRAND can deliver.

About Us

About Us

"Grand" is one of the guitar, amp, pedal brands under Shenzhen Grand Technology Co., Ltd. It’s one of the best Chinese guitar, amp, pedal, etc manufacturers founded in 2000, we have been deeply involved in the musical instruments field for many years. We have the professional musical instrument supplier.

As an OEM guitar, amp, pedal manufacturer, we have advanced technology and equipment, mature production workers and a complete production system, professional management of products, rigorous production process, and multiple quality inspection procedures. We have ample guitar, amp, pedal inventory, with approximately 50,000 guitars in stock to ensure transportation efficiency. We give priority to providing high-quality products, immediately services and competitive prices to customers all over the world.

Our core value is “exceeding customer expectations”. It always reminds us to sincerely serve our customers and provide them with products and services that exceed their expectations. This is the key to our customers’ trust and support. Welcome to choose "GRAND".

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Global Marketing

Our ability to listen to our customers!

We fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, including these fine clients:

"The Grand ODS20W is just awesome. I play everyday in my studio with the amp and a pedalboard. Mostly with my Crook tele and sometimes my Les Pauls. Just effortless and sweet.  Everything just sounds like you hoped or wanted it to.  Probably the best amp I own."
John Fogerty

“I honestly believe this is the best Chinese amp I’ve ever played. Hands down.”
Johnny Hiland

Can't say enough good things about the guitar and amp, thank you!!  It really sounds incredible... the reverb is unreal, this is going to record VERY well, can't wait to try it next week on a Benmont Tench album ...
you're the best !!"
Jonathan Wilson

“I played a Gibson guitar into a Fender Twin Reverb for over thirty years, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But I never thought it could be this much better!”
Camile Baudoin of the Radiators

"I Bought 4 x D45S 6 String Guitars from 4 Different Seller. This company, Set the Guitar up, and, No Sharp Frets, Plays a Dream. Very well Set up ! The other 3 Sellers Never checked the Quality! So, Ordered More, from this factory, as they are Superb!" (Russ Barrie)

"The guitar is not only beautiful looking, but meets all my expectations regarding sound & finish. I am very, very happy with this guitar. I bought 7 guitars from China last year, this is the best." (Steve Mac)

"So, I’m sitting here playing the Grand ODS Overdrive and I just had to call you and tell you what a NICE sounding amplifier it is!  Very excellent.  Thank you so much.  Such a fabulous sounding amp!"
Terry Haggerty

"SSS100 Deluxe arrived safe and sound. Already in love with this beauty. My tele sounds better than ever.
Sounds amazing already, can’t imagine when the speaker’s broken in.
Taking to studio tomorrow to crank it up.
Thank you!
Geoff M

"It's crazy how nice the 5E3, 57 Twin is!  As a Strat player, I haven't been able to fully bond with any of the Tweed amps I've played in the past, and pretty much gave up on them.  You've completely changed my perception of the Tweed tone and feel.  It sounds so amazing with the A1260!  I really feel like I'm experiencing a proper Tweed amp for the first time.  Truly enlightening!"
Michael G ('Vintage Series' 5E3, 57")

"Way above expectations. This guitar is a sheer work of Art. I am impressed thoroughly The headstock is perfect too ;-)"

"I absolutely love this company. They make a very elegant product, custom kinds special shape electric guitars. The service is excellent too, The engineer is amazing and the artisans are outstanding And the head stock is perfect".(Phillip Schroeder)

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    GRAND at NAMM 2023

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    GRAND at NAMM 2022

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    GRAND at Music China (Shanghai) 2020

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    GRAND at Music China (Shanghai) 2019

  • GRAND at MusikMesee 2018

    GRAND participated in the 2018 MusikMesse from Apr.11-14. As a leading Chinese enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing for the electroacoustic products such as electric guitar bass, pedals, amps and accessory, GRAND has achieved fruitfu

  • GRAND at Music China (Guangzhou) 2018

    GRAND has attended music Guangzhou this week, with the new products on display: R series pedal(prototype), Wah pedals(prototype), GP-05 rechargeable pedal power supply, GP-06 noise blocker, GP-06W power converter and GRAND high-end cables CM-18/19/21/22.

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