Custom D-Pedal Dumble Style SSS 100W Deluxe Handmade Guitar Amplifier Head Jj Tubes Vox Grill Cloth Accept OEM Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Pedal Valve AMP


Custom D-Pedal Dumble Style SSS 100W Deluxe Handmade Guitar Amplifier Head Jj Tubes Vox Grill Cloth Accept OEM Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Pedal Valve AMP

Product No.:SSS100d

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Custom SSS 100W D-Pedal Dumble Style Deluxe Handmade Guitar Amplifier Head Jj Tubes Vox Grill Cloth Accept OEM Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Pedal Valve AMP:
This is a great of one of the most sought after amplifiers in history. This amp absolutely blew us away with its complex, three-dimensional clean tone, and its ability to rock. This is a high volume, high power, high headroom clean amplifier.
The best way to describe a Steel String Singer is as an extremely adjustable single channel clean amplifier with reverb. The sound the Steel String Singer is most known for is a "clean feedback" effect, where the amplifier will feedback, even though the signal is audibly clean.
SSS has special high and low cut filters that adjust the overall tone late in the circuit. It's sound is often characterized as an extremely clean and compressed signal with dynamic response and a lush reverb circuit. There are reportedly "higher highs" and "lower lows" that are not often heard through other amplifiers, and a significant amount of harmonic response to the strength of the input signal.
It's an amplifier that is clean sounding and yet is able to produce a great big sound.
The amp gives an incredibly low end punch and enormous amount of headroom. The reverb is other-worldly, as is the rich second-order harmonic content (it's not really "distortion") the circuit produces gives the amp a special vibe. It is absolutely wonderful sounding, both by itself and with almost any pedal you put in front of it.
The Secret Weapon of the SSS amps are the High and Low step filters, which can be used to dial a wide range of tones. Each filter has six setting. They work in conjunction with the normal tone controls to create a very broad pallet of sonic options. The Bass Filter is very useful for adding a big fat low end to a Strat. Once you set the step filter you can fine tune the low end with the standard Bass tone control. With the High filter you can go from mild to wild glassy top end on your tone, and again fine tune the color with the treble and mid tone controls.

Model NO.: SSS100d
Grand Deluxe SSS steel string singer point to point guitar amplifier head 100W
Specs: Hand Wired Construction Circuit Board
Tubes Brand: Ruby, Shuguang, JJ, EH (JJ 6L6GC *4)
Components: Pot/Bias Japan, Sweden brand
Power: 100W
Weight: 24kg
Shipping Time: 20 Days
Package: Strong Carton Box
Transport Package: Double Strong Carton Box
Original: China
Customized: Available
Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC
Dimension: 91*49*35(cm)
With footswitch and booster
50W is available too
Our factory has 230 workers, include 15 professional engineers. They supervise the whole producing line from choose material till packing. We can strictly arrange the products as your requests.
Grand Technology is a manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories, which brand is "Grand".
Our factory is located in one of the most important ports of South China, Shekou, Guangdong, Near HK, connects with main highways and airports.
As the professional manufacturer, we supply kinds of musical products such tube guitar amplifiers, hand wired tube guitar amps, point to point amps, replica pedals and amps, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, piano, etc many kinds of musical Instrument gears.
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At present, we establish technology, purchasing, and sales groups to serve our customers. We are thinking in your way, doing as your requests and eager to be your reliable supplier.
Any inquiry will be welcome and highly appreciated.

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