Handwired Dumble Clone ODS Overdrive Special Guitar Amplifier 50W


Handwired Dumble Clone ODS Overdrive Special Guitar Amplifier 50W

Product No.:ODS-50

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This hand-made Dumble clone based high quality amplifier has developed a reputation for having a silky smooth, pliable and touch-sensitive brand of overdrive. The amp is incredibly versatile and you can easily play any kind of music using it. It is famed for its singing "clean" overdrive channel that is very responsive to the touch of the player. It produces a tone somewhere between a Fender and a Marshall, with a strong midrange and a balanced voice. The circuitry is unique in that the overdrive is produced in the preamp stages, the power amplifier does not readily distort, giving a huge clean sounds with a big tight bottom end.
There are two inputs: a normal input which goes directly to the first preamp stage, and a FET input which goes to a FET preamp which is intended for use with guitars with low output levels or acoustics. The FET level is adjustable using trimmer potentiometer inside the amplifier. The first preamp stage is followed by a passive tone stack with adjustments for treble, middle, and bass. Switching options include Bright, Deep and Rock/Jazz swtiches. The signal is either fed into the power amplifier (for the clean channel), or into the two-stage overdrive section. Sound Options: clean, clean with boost on, overdrive and overdrive with boost on.
The clean channel is big sounding. Soloing on the clean channel is powerful. It has more head room than one might ever use, it's amazing how clean the amp is at very high volumes. This amp really lends itself to the different sounds of each individual type of guitar. The overdrive channel is really quiet at high gain and is adjustable using trimmer potentiometer inside the amplifier. This way the player can set his own overdrive voicing, goin from Brown to Plexi.
Model NO.: ODS-50
Dumble clone ODS Overdrive Special guitar amplifier head 50W
Specs: Hand Wired Construction Circuit Board
Tubes Brand: Ruby, Shuguang, JJ, EH (JJ 6L6GC *2)
Components: Pot/Bias Japan, Sweden brand
Power: 50W
Weight: 20kg
Shipping Time: 20 Days
Package: Strong Carton Box
Transport Package: Double Strong Carton Box
Origin: China
Customized: Available
Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC
Dimension: 86*46*31(cm)
With footswitch and booster
100W is available too
HS Code: 8518400090
Power: 50Watts, with power cut
Channels: Two Channels, clean and overdrive
Controls Ch. 1: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume, Presence
Controls Ch. 2: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, OD Level, Ratio, Master Volume, Presence
Switches: ON/OFF, Standby,  Manual/footswitch engage mode for boost and overdrive
Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6GT JJ tubes
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7 JJ tubes
Rectifier: Solid State
Features: Dual inputs for each channel high and low, Effects loop send and return, External speaker, Pilot light, Footswitch for boost and drive
Speaker output: Switchable Impedance of 4, 8, and 16 Ohms
Speakers: Celestion Gold Alnico 12″
Power Options: 50 Watts (2 x 6L6GT) and 100 Wats (4 x 6L6GT)
Amp Name: Dumble ODS overdrive special hand-wired guitar amplifier 50W
Range: Deluxe Reissue
Components: Pot/Bias Japan, Sweden brand, etc
Power: 50W (100W is also fine)
Features: Hand Wired Construction Circuit Board
Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Level, Ratio, Master, Presence
Tube Brand: Ruby, Shuguang, JJ, EH; we use JJ
Brand: Grand or custom as per logo plates
Our company has 230 workers, include 15 professional engineers. They supervise the whole producing line from choose material till packing. We can strictly arrange the products as your requests.
Grand Technology is a manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories, which brand is "Grand".
Our factory is located in one of the most important ports of South China, Shekou, Guangdong, Near HK, connects with main highways and airports.
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Mobile: +86-15099949910

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