Yulong Guo Handmade Double Top Classical Guitar Model Chamber


Yulong Guo Handmade Double Top Classical Guitar Model Chamber

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Today,Grand start cooperation with China No.1 Classical Guitar Luthier Yulong-Guo who is famous in guitar area including China and outside of China too A pioneer in many designs, resulting in one of today's most outstanding guitars, praised by the greatest concert guitarists including David Russel,John Williams .....Nowadays, He makes best concert grade classical guitar/acoustic guitars at his workshop! very nice sound, top grade handmade! He is the only luthier to make double-top model guitars in China.

As technical staff at Grand guitar workshop, Yulong guo Put all time to make high level Guitars .Now, Aiersi is best Chinese brand for guitar, bass and ukulele in the world. Hot sale by dealers over 30 countries and prvide OEM ODM for over 100+ brands in the market.
Nowadays, less luthier can make double top model in China. However, our "Grand " have a cooperation with China No.1 Guitar Luthier Yulong-Guo who is only one to make Nomex double-top model in China.

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