Tube Reverb 63


Tube Reverb 63

Product No.:GR-63

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Vintage Reissue Series '63 Tube Reverb:
The Fender Style Vintage Reissue '63 does well to live up to its legacy. Built with one groove tube 6V6, one 12AX7 preamp tube, and one 12AT7 tube, this Fender style reverb pedal flawlessly recreates that sought-after original tone. The dwell, mix, and tone controls of this reverb guitar pedal allow for effective tonal tailoring. This reverb pedal also comes with a footswitch which allows hands-free operation. Incorporation of quality parts makes this reverb guitar pedal durable and dependable. The Vintage Reissue '63 is a versatile pedal that recreates the feel that marks every recording since the 60's.

Size: 48*19*27(cm)
Weight: 6.5kg

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